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 ULK for high quality standard bearing and custom bearing series.
The bearing is as the important component of transmission, especial deep groove ball bearing using are more widely. But because of application or environment reason limited, generated many special or custom size and material bearing products. Our company mainly specialized in researching developing and manufacturing Non-standard bearing and stainless steel bearings. The bearing material include austenite AISI316L, AISI304 or martensite AISI440C, 430, 420B etc. All of components of bearing are the same stainless steel material (inner and outer ring, steel ball, cage ). All of components can be passivating treatment to get much stronger corrosion resistance. But austenite stainless steel is different from martensite stainless steel in essence, austenite material magnetism is weak, and low hardness(HRC38). Martensite material can get strong rigidity and toughness by vacuum quenching treatment (HRC55-59), and also can get good loading capacity. Our bearing precision can reach ISO ABEC-5, vibration volume Z3 Z4.